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Hi there and thanks for looking at my cookie policy. It’s very simple I don’t look at them, analyse them and I have no adverts on my pages because, and lets face it, adverts suck.

Whilst this WordPress bases site may well use them, and certainly they will repost back to Google, Bing etc i have no idea where they are or how to have a good look at them and I am an ex IT network engineer for goodness sakes.

I am sure if I wanted to know I could work it out, but who want’s to do that where I can watch paint dry or stab myself in the eye with a spoon.

Unfortunately these types of cookies are everywhere on the web and we cannot do without them but if you get a cookie cleaner (like ccleaner) you can set it to delete all the cookies you don’t want at the end of your browsing session.

Now if we are talking chocolate chip cookies I am in!

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