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Monday 12 November 2012 at 7pm to 8pm Tai Chi and Qi Gong class tonight at the Hope Centre, Sale, Manchester, all welcome.


Tai Chi 8 step form is a great form to learn as it can be practised in most living rooms without the need to move furniture.

Relaxing Qi Gong helps to balance the body and mind by using simple movements and gentle breathing techniques.

All ages and abilities welcome for more information please contact me here

Chen style Tai Chi and Qi Gung taught in a traditional manner.


  • Peaceful movement bringing inner strength
  • Great for fitness
  • All welcome regardless of age or fitness
  • No previous experience necessary


Tai Chi practice serves to bring balance and harmony to the practitioner. The beautiful circles and graceful moves serve to provide a powerful self healing and fitness system that does not over stress the joints. Tai Chi is one of the 5 healing arts of Traditional Chinese medicine along with Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Herbs and Tui Na (acupressure) massage.

Qi Gung is an internal system of breathing and cultivating Qi, which translates loosely as energy, it can involve movements or be stationary and is complementary to Tai Chi. Qi Gong has been practiced in China for over 5000 years and provided the basis for most of the healing arts throughout China.

Why not join us and experience for yourself the benefits of Tai Chi and Qi Gung or for more information please contact the manchester centre.

Each session will begin with a traditional warm up allowing the body to start to release any tension it has built up during the day and to allow the bodies energies to start to move. We then move onto Qi Gung to strengthen the internal energies and finally we practice the 8 step Tai Chi form.

The 8 step form is excellent for beginners as it is quite easy to remember but will also challenge experienced practitioners as it contains many movements that have more challenging qualities.

Mondays at the Hope Centre Manchester except the last monday of each month, please call for details on 0161 973 9130

7pm to 8pm – Qi Gong and Ba Jia (8 Step) Form and Chen 18 Step Form Please contact the Manchester Centre for details.

Cost £5


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