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I have been attending Jason’s clinic since 2012.

Back then my health was questionable; suffering from chronic neck pain and sciatica, I could not exercise, my sleep was erratic and I could barely drive as I could not look over either shoulder. In addition I was consuming a huge array of painkillers both over the counter and prescribed. After numerous scans and medical specialist appointments it became apparent that the protruding disc in my neck was not curable but that I would somehow have to manage the pain.

I tried several physiotherapists, chiropractors and other pain relief methods to no avail. It was only after meeting with a friend one day who saw the pain I was in, did I hear about Jason; who had assisted her with her neck problems and thankfully recommended him to me.

From our first meeting I found Jason to be extremely knowledgeable, amiable and honest. He did not make any false promises but put my mind immediately at rest as to my treatment options and as he explained, even this could change as I progressed. Using deep tissue massage and acupuncture along with heat, after each treatment I noticed a huge improvement in my own mobility, a reduction of pain and a positive change in my overall wellbeing. After a few months I no longer relied on boxes of painkillers (there were many) and I began to listen to my body. I had not realised how much this pain had taken over my life. Upon Jason’s advice I also took up Yoga which contributed to my improved posture and well being.

I still see Jason occasionally for maintenance and during any flare ups as this keeps the condition manageable and under control. I cannot recommend him highly enough and honestly believe he has changed my life.

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