September 18, 2012

BBC Medical Matters on Osteoarthritis

In the latest pod cast from the BBC’s Medical Matters (also called Inside Health) on Radio 4 it was nice to hear Dr Mark Porter reporting on the latest findings on Osteoarthritis dispelling several myths about this disease:

  • Latest research suggests its not wear and tear but inflammation of one joint which is the bodies natural response and is part of the healing process
  • Its not bone on bone its a whole joint disease involved in an inflammation process
  • It does not inevitable lead to surgery
  • 1 in 3 suffers from knee arthritis have a complete recovery

Things to make sure you are doing to help the recovery process

  • Ensure you are no overweight
  • Ensure that the surrounding muscles get exercise to support the joint recovery
  • Ensure that you understand your condition

Interviewing Dr Laurence Buckman (chairman of the GP committee at the British Medical Association) it was reported that:

  • GP’s generally only have access to pharmaceutical or surgery interventions
  • Acupuncture services are few and far between within the NHS
  • Pain relief services are overstretched with long waiting list
  • A large number of patients pain would be relieved by Acupuncture
  • People who are able to pay for private services often have better outcomes as they can access services that are not provided by the NHS such as Acupuncture

To listen to the pod cast click here