March 25, 2014

Acupuncture Home Visits Manchester and Trafford

I am often asked if I do acupuncture home visits in the Manchester and Trafford area?

The simple answer is yes I am happy to visit the home environment and perform Acupuncture and any of my other therapies but there are some guide lines.

  • You home should be a peaceful environment.  Children charging about the place or loud blaring music is unacceptable.
  • You home should  be safe, clean and tidy.  I need access to a sink to wash my hands and any pets must be kept out of the area where I am working, the last thing we want is a cat jumping on your lap when you have needles in you.
  • You should be home bound or find it very difficult to get to my clinic.  As I only charge £5 extra for a home visit (and that is to cover the extra time I spend travelling and at your home) its important to me that this service is for people who would have a genuine difficulty getting to me.  So normally its for people who have had Stroke, Amputation or have difficulty moving etc. and any mental illness that prohibits your leaving your home environment.
  • Some unacceptable reasons are:
    • It too far
    • I don’t have time
    • I don’t like getting the bus


If you are in any doubt about a home visit please contact me to discuss your situation and I will make a decision if I am willing to take you on as a home visit client.

For me home visits are an enhanced service for those who would find it unreasonably difficult to come to my clinic, this is why I only charge an extra £5 even though the average time I spend on the visit (including travel, set up and generally going over) is 1.5 hours, so its not something I am doing to make more money.  I see it as a service for those who want acupuncture but though whatever circumstance are unable to get out of their house.

From an Insurance point of view the British Acupuncture Council insurance covers us for home visits as long as all reasonable safety measures are taken and as I am licensed by Trafford Council to work at the Hope Centre they take the view that I have demonstrated my qualifications and health and safety knowledge and are happy that I will take any reasonable steps to ensure safety.

Initial Consultation £40 (2 hours)

Follow up treatment £30 (1 hour)

My home visit day is Wednesday from 9.30 am t0 7pm, places are limited and cancellations with less than 48 hours notice are charged at the full rate, with exceptions for medial or genuine  family emergencies.

I accept cash or cheque.