July 10, 2013

Special alert to therapists

Be wary of TV programme invite

We have received this message from several members and directly ourselves. Whilst we cannot independently verify the content at the moment it is, as they say, better to be safe than sorry. It originates from the publisher of the publication ‘What the Doctors don’t tell You’ 5th July 2013.

Special alert to alternative therapists

If you an alternative/complementary health therapist working in the UK, be warned. If you know any alternative therapists, please make sure they get this message: An independent TV production company is contacting alternative therapists to appear in a programme they are preparing.

In their pitch, they will tell you it is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and practice. It’s not; it’s a stitch-up. In fact, the programme’s title is ‘Health Freaks on Trial’, and you will be interrogated by a panel of four doctors who will belittle your work. Don’t be fooled: say no.

Please spread the word!